Tree Surgeon - Services

Here are just some of the services we can provide,

Tree Felling - Crown Reduction - Crown thinning - Crown Lifting - Storm Damage - Tree dismantling - Branch/Deadwood Pruning - Large Hedge Tree's Reduced - Scrub Clearance/Brush Cutting -  Wood Chipper - Firewood Logs - Fully Insured.

All work is carried out to our high standards of Health & Safety, and all pruning is in accordance with B.S.3998. (British Standards).

Wood-chip and logs can be removed, or left for the owner.

I have an up to date waste carriers licence, to dispose of the wood-chip.

Please get in touch with us for more details.  07976-986-185. 


Tree Felling

Trees in gardens cannot always simply be felled. There may be cables near, and property that can easily be damaged, or the tree may be close to your house. We can safely dismantle the tree, lowering a piece at a time and maneuvering branches away from your property in a controlled manner. Or prune out any branches that may be against the roof of your house etc.

Crown Reduction 

A crown reduction is where the tree is reduced in height, and sometimes width. Normally, this would be by a third. All trees vary, as does the way in which they are reduced, and it is important that the correct cuts are made to avoid serious damage to the tree. All of our pruning work is carried out to B.S.3998 (British Standards).

Other work such as a crown lift is when the lower branches are removed to show the main trunk, or crown thinning is when some of the smaller branches within the tree are removed to allow more light through, and is another way of reducing the bulk of the tree. 


Deadwood Pruning

Dead- wood pruning or "tree clean", is where the branches that are dead within the tree are removed. Trees have a natural amount of dieback (dead branches) that form every year, this can expose the tree to fungus growth, or further damage from decay possibly occurring. Removing the dead-wood improves the look of the tree, as well as  rendering it safe from falling branches.    

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